Slush Puppie "Blue Raspberry" Flavor (1 Gallon)

Slush Puppie "Blue Raspberry" Flavor

1 Gallon
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These two half-gallons (for a total of one gallon) of SLUSH PUPPiE flavor are intended to be mixed with individual servings of SLUSH PUPPiE neutral base to create a flavored slushie. Instructions To create a slushie, pour flavor into a serving cup, and then dispense neutral base slush from the machine into the serving cup, on top of the flavor. The velocity of the slush coming out of the machine will mix the flavor within the cup. Yields A gallon of flavor yields approximately 128 squirts (approximately 1 fl oz each), or enough flavor for the following:
  • 9 fl oz drinks: 128 servings (1 squirt each)
  • 12 fl oz drinks: 64 servings (2 squirts each)
  • 16 fl oz drinks: 64 servings (2 squirts each)
  • 24 fl oz drinks: 32 servings (4 squirts each)

Note: Flavor alone has a tart taste, but when properly mixed with neutral base, creates a sweet and flavorful slushie.