Slush Puppie Neutral Base (3 Gallons)

Slush Puppie Neutral Base

3 Gallons
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This case of SLUSH PUPPiE neutral base contains six (6) half gallons (for a total of 3 gallons) of neutral base concentrate intended for use with a commercial slushie machine such as those made by Stoelting, CAB, Ugolini, Bunn, etc.

Neutral base is used to create a sweet, but unflavored slushie that is then mixed with SLUSH PUPPiE flavor in individual servings. Instructions Mix the neutral base with water at a ratio of 5:1 (5 parts water for every one part neutral base) within a mixing jug and shake to mix. Pour the mixture into the slushie machine and turn on the machine's refrigeration/auger switches. After approximately 20-30 minutes, slush will begin to form, depending on the temperature of the mixture. For the best results, refrigerate the mixture prior to use. Yields When mixed at the recommended ratio, this 3 gallon case will yield approximately 18 gallons, or the following servings:

  • 9 fl oz cups: 256 servings
  • 12 fl oz cups: 192 servings
  • 16 fl oz cups: 144 servings
  • 24 fl oz cups: 96 servings